VanRiper | Seattle Wedding

Anne-Marie & Justin – they met online years ago, virtually a blind date that turned into a 7 hour adventure. They hit it off immediately! These two spend their relationship all over the states, sometimes together but often long distance. Their time together was often spend exploring the outdoors and traveling all around. They love the outdoors and were always looking for fun outside activities – only fitting that Justin decided to propose at the top of a mountain while they were skiing! Anne-Marie said the funny thing was, she had to ski down the rest of the way to try the ring on because she had giant ski gloves on. She was SO giddy, distracted, and emotional that she forgot ALL her ski skills and just fell down the rest of the way. No injuries though, don’t worry, just lots of laughter and happy tears 🙂


They decided to get married at the beautiful chapel on Seattle U campus, Chapel of St. Ignatius. They had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family from far and wide. The photographer in me was so worried about Seattle weather, but the only time it rained was while we were in the church! The weather gods were with us, yesterday. The excited newlyweds finished up their celebration at Tibbetts Creek Manor just outside of Seattle, where we got to enjoy the gorgeous weather with an outdoor dance floor and a super fun bubble exit 🙂


Congrats Anne-Marie and Justin! I am so happy for you two and so thankful you finally gave me an excuse to come out to Seattle! 🙂 HAPPY WEDDING!!




You will hear from us shortly :)