I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER, STORYTELLER, ADVENTURER and the artist formerly known as molly mcelenney photography. but no more! its now and forevermore, mollymcphoto.

BASED IN phoenix, arizona AND AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL WORLDWIDE. The desert will always be my home, but you can feel free to get me out of there...I go where you go, my friends!

hello, friends

about me 

Believe it or not, I haven't always been this cool... DUHHHITSMOLLY was my AOL Instant Messenger name and I thought I was the most innovative, interesting, inspired 13 year old on the planet. If the AIM handle dissuades you, it's probably best you find another photographer because honestly, I haven't become much cooler since then. However, my 13 year old self with my Kodak point and shoot camera would definitely be SO JEALOUS of 27 year old me, traveling the country and photographing phenomenally good-looking, awesomely wonderful people. I may not be iconically "cool" and "hip" like many of my fellow photogs out there, but I can confidently say that I can make you look REAL GOOD. Who needs to be cool when you can be fun? 

DUHHH its molly

how cute is she

MEET CHELSEA, MY FRIENDS!  My high-school sweetheart and ten years later, my WIFE! How crazy?!?! 13 years ago, we met as geeky little high school sophomores, with no idea what the world had it store for us. 13 years of coming out, law changes, and life changes later, we got hitched! Chels is my north star - and I don't care how cheesy that sounds. She guides me through the best and worst of times and I love being her wife. She is also the best Mommy on the planet to our babies and parenting with her is my favorite adventure yet.

my wife

Meet my brilliant, magical, beautiful, magnificent daughters, Kay'Lynn and Zabella. They are my light and soul - I cannot remember life before them and I never want to. Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding experience of my life and nothing matters without these two. They're the most hysterical people on earth and my absolute best friends. They inspire me to be better every day...and if you can't tell I'm OBSESSED with them.

my baby girls

how cute are they
how cute is he

MEET BLAKE, MY FRIENDS!  He is my part-time protector, full-time companion, and all-time cutest puppy on the planet. We rescued him in December of 2018 and he has changed our life! We are completely smitten with him. He is easily the best-behaved dog I have ever had and he is the perfect addition to our family. He will cuddle the crap out of you and makes friends with every man, woman, child and dog that he meets. 

my dog

- Jason Mraz
- Marriage Equality
- Twix
- Blankets and unnecessary throw pillows
- all mexican food except beans
- netflix originals
- concerts
- cold weather
- peonies
- going to the movies

Okay but here's all the "stuff" I love

the why

My philosophy 

why i do what i do

I believe marriage is greater than any wedding day. I believe graduating from anything is a tremendous accomplishment. I believe the best version of yourself is the happy one I get to see in front of my lens. I believe I have the duty and honor to capture moments that last for centuries. I believe that some people don't see what others see in them, and it is my life-long goal to help discover it. 

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the collections



Custom packages are available*

Senior packages start at:



Custom packages are available*

Couples packages start at:



A la Carte only - engagement sessions are included in some wedding packages



the experience

working with Me

emailing, maybe a FaceTime or in-person meeting, and a discussion of what you are hoping to get out of our time together. I also send out client guides, to help guide you through our journey together, so you know what's going on every step of the way! When the time comes for us to meet in front of the camera, you will be fully  ready to display your full model potential!

My goal is for you to be as YOU as you can possibly be. I feel like some photographers these days seek out "certain kinds" of clients and that just bums me out! I want to see your quirks and personality; I want to know what shows you're obsessed with or what murder podcast you just binged. I seek to find what makes you, you, and show that in a photograph. To do this, our experience together typically starts with a lot of

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What's the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is definitely through my website! I have all of my inquiries from my site sent directly to my email, and I get a notification whenever a new one arrives in my inbox! It's all very streamline and the easiest way to keep all of your information in one place. The second best way would be text - my voicemail box is full half of the time, but I do my best to keep up with it! Text is certainly quicker, however. It's a 21st century world out there! Facebook Messages and Instagram DM's are by far the worst way to reach me. They often get lost and before you know it, the date you were hoping for is gone!


What does the booking process look like?

For weddings, once you have reached out, we will:


For all other sessions, once you have reached out, we will:

- Confirm that I have your date available
- Select a package
- Overview and sign a contract
- Make your retainer payment (30% of your total) to secure your date!
- Set up a meeting to discuss details, schedule an engagement session, and get to know each other!

- Find an available date on my schedule
- Select a package
- Overview and sign a contract
- Make your retainer payment (50% of your total) to secure your date!
- Discuss session times, outfit details, and any other questions you might have!

why do all of your clients look like models?

This is partially a joke, but I'd say about 80% of the time, potential clients mention this. While I occasionally work with individuals who are comfortable in front of the camera, the majority of the people you see in my photos started their session with: "We are really awkward in front of the camera, so you are going to need to guide us!". Everyone feels like they have no idea what they're doing, but more often than not, you've totally got IT! Of course I am there to help prompt you, but I believe the best photos come from how you respond to my prompts most naturally. The more "posing" I have to do, the less likely you will look like yourself. That said - I won't leave you hanging, I PROMISE!!!! You will have all the help you need :) 



After planning a wedding of my own, I can sympathize endlessly with handling a budget. Dealing with 12 different vendors and trying to find a way to make it all work made my head spin! Based on my 5+ years of experience, I feel that I am very fairly priced, although I am aware that I may have out-priced some potentially phenomenal clients. Because of this, I am always open to trying to work something out! I have a heart, after all ;) Some of my favorite clients have chosen to have me for a shorter amount of time on their day, because it was more important to have me photographer their wedding than for them to have 10 hours of coverage by someone else. It won't be that way for everyone, but it never hurts to ask for wiggle room or for a custom package to be made!


do you have tips for what to wear to my session?

This obviously pertains to portrait sessions, not weddings; though I have had many a bride ask my opinion on wedding dresses and bridesmaids outfits! My #1 rule for Engagement session/Senior Portrait outfits is MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE. I have seen far too many people arrive in too-short shorts, dresses they can't sit in, sweaters in 106 degree heat... it's not a good idea! Your face will show how uncomfortable you are.  For my couples and seniors, when you book with me, you will receive a session guide with all the tips you could ever ask for!  If you have questions beyond this, you are always free to email me or send photos!


how far in advance should i book with you?

For weddings, I book out between 1-2 years in advance. In other words, it is never too early. By the same token, it is never too late to reach out either! Occasionally I have cancellations or randomly available dates and it never hurts to ask. 

For portrait sessions (engagement or senior), I book up to 6 months in advance! Typically, anywhere after 3 weeks in advance, we might have trouble finding you a slot, but again, never hurts to try! 


What kind of equipment do you use?

I am a Canon girl forever!! Or at least until Sony steps up their game...
I currently work with a Canon 5D Mark IV and two Canon 5D Mark IIIs as my second and backup bodies. My lenses included the the Sigma 24mm 1.4, the Canon 35mm 1.4, the Canon 50mm 1.2, the Canon 85mm 1.2, the Canon 100mm 2.8, and the Canon 70-200 2.8mm. 

If you don't know cameras, this might sound like mumbo-jumbo to you, but just know I'm working with the best of the best, and a wide variety at that!


how do we secure your services?

It's pretty darn simple:

Contact me via my contact page below, select your package, sign your contract and pay your retainer payment!

Disclaimer: ***If you are ready to book, DO NOT WAIT!! My dates, particularly for weddings, go very quickly. I am typically 75% booked for the upcoming year by mid-June of the current year.***


how long is your turn-around time?

For weddings, you'll get your photos back in about 6-8 weeks. However, within 3 days of your wedding, I send a sneak peek to help with the wait! ;)

For portrait sessions, my turn-around time is about 10-14 days.


I have known Molly for years and there were no questions asked when it came time to select our wedding photographer. Molly is truly the best! From our engagement shoot, to the big day, Molly truly helped make everything run smoothly and captured the most special moments. We are so thankful for everything she did, and the beautiful photos we will have for a lifetime.

alicia + andrew

client love

Having Molly as our wedding photographer, was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made. She truly has a gift and it shows in her work. Pictures make me super uncomfortable, but Molly made me feel relaxed and made me laugh. She is so genuine and her kindness shows through her pictures. I can't imagine having anyone else share such a special day in our lives. Her pictures are STUNNING! The pictures literally brought me to tears. We love MOLLY!!!!

Sara + Dan

client love

It’s 6am and I check my email. My heart drops because I see an email from Molly that my pictures are ready! I’m dying inside - my heart is racing and I’m CRYING looking at all of these. My palms are sweating, I feel excited nervous, I’m laughing, my heart is exploding with happiness! Why? Because looking at these I’m reliving moments just like I did waking up the day of and day after my wedding. Every emotion RUSHED back looking at each and everyone. Every picture I scrolled through I could remember each moment the picture took place. And can we talk about the genuine laughing faces she captured with my friends and family? Ugh my heart! THANK YOU GORGEOUS. I love you!!!! I’m over the moon. And at 6am I shouted “Mat! Our pictures are ready!!” He didn’t budge but I’m about to wake him cause I want to look at them over and over!! Molly was the one and only photographer I looked at because I just knew from the beginning  she was IT ❤️

linsey + mat

client love

Molly is amazing. Point blank. There’s no better way to explain her work. You work so hard to make your wedding day perfect and then your photographer manages to capture every aspect that you worked so hard on. Molly makes you feel so special and so beautiful and she just made me feel safe like so matter what happened on our wedding day her photos would be there to remind us of it all. I still look back at pictures and can’t believe all the things she captured. I mean stunning photos. Like cover of a magazine quality photos !! Molly we love you so much and are so happy to see you and your work growing. Don’t hesitate for one minute HIRE MOLLY!

Nicole + Ryan

client love

Molly is truly amazing. One of the best wedding photographers! She is easy going and understands exactly what you want. She is quick when taking the photos and they turn out amazing. She has this ability to capture every moment of your special day, moments you did not even know you wanted she got them. She is amazing at reading your mind, when I was done with photos at my wedding she knew right away and we stopped. It was so nice not having to overthink anything or stress about her, she does it all. She will capture your day in ways you did not think you wanted. The feedback from my bridal party & family was she was amazing to work with. We will definitely be using her again!

Kate + Alec

client love

The minute we saw Molly's website, we knew we had to have her as our wedding photographer. She captured the beauty and the spirit of our wedding day so perfectly and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. People I haven't spoken to in years raved about the beauty of our photos when I posted some on line. We are thrilled to have so many gorgeous photographs to remind us of our perfect day. Thank you, Molly!!

Michelle + Eric

client love

Molly is amazing. She did our engagement photos, my bridal session and of course our wedding photos and was absolutely phenomenal. It was not only an extreme pleasure to work with her, but she is also very professional and worked with my husband and I as our wedding day got a little chaotic.just to give you a little insight to how amazing she is, I'll let you a story. Part of our bridal party got into a car accident literally an hour before the wedding. Molly handled it very professionally and was also very comforting when I dealt with the news. We postponed the wedding for about a half hour and during that time she still worked hard to get wonderful photos of my special day.we decided to continue with the ceremony after getting some news about the bridal parties' conditions Not only that, she worked longer than planned and didn't request any compensation for it. Then, THEN after all that, she offered to go to the hospital and get photos of the bridal party that was still in the hospital. She was AMAZING. I couldn't be more grateful for an awesome person and photographer like Molly! I highly recommend Molly. She is truly spectacular.

rebecca + william

client love
client love

"What an amazing human being Molly is! As a photographer, she knew exactly how to capture people very naturally and made everyone so comfortable. We not only got the most stunning wedding photographs we have ever seen, we have made a new friend in Phoenix. I cannot recommend Molly enough. She is not only incredibly talented as a photographer, she is one of the best people you will be lucky to meet. Thank you, Molly for capturing the most important day of our life so beautifully through your lens. We will be forever grateful for this gift."

mackenzie + melanie

Honestly, having Molly do our photos was the best decision we've ever made! She was so sweet and fun to work with - she made sure to make my stiff and awkward fiancé feel comfortable. She captured our love perfectly ...so perfectly that I couldn't help but sob looking through them! I am beyond pleased and would recommend her again and again to anyone!

Kammie + kirk

client love

I cannot recommend Molly highly enough! She did an amazing job working with us from start to finish. She's a true professional. The expectations were clear, the communication was awesome and overall she was very fun to work with. She was super efficient and always friendly when taking photos of the guests and I love the number of photos we got. It was the perfect amount. Hire Molly and you won't be disappointed!!

Jill + Ryan

client love

kind words from kind people

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